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Get Your Hands on the NEWEST Way to GROW ANYTHING ANYWHERE with the Amazing Vertical Growing Tower That Creates Produce or Herbs in Plain Sight or with Stealth in Just Minutes…IN 16" of space!         



Developed by a retired Air Force Scientist who used to design military weapons, it was intended for deployed troops who had no electricity to power the expensive, complicated pumps and equipment and wanted fresh produce without having to learn anything about agriculture.

3Simple 40 minute put together requires no tech skills (you don’t even need any tools) and it is completely self-contained – just add a little water once a day and the built in EZ-SYPHON technology nurtures all the seeds or plants for you AUTOMATICALLY.

Using a principle of Physics  Fluid Dynamics from the 1700’s,  built-in tubing does it all for you every minute of every day.

Just sit back and let it do all the work – turning out cost-saving food you would otherwise have to pay for.

Growing trays on every level of your GROW ANYTHING ANYWHERE TOWER produce for you 24-hours a day – and you can even reuse the water and nutrient so there is nothing else to do but sit back and let it cut your food budget instead of buying.


Everything is included to let your Tower grow ANYTHING ANYWHERE automatically for you making you immediately expert in Urban Agriculture.

·         Your Tower structure
·         3 Growth Trays ready to start growing for you
·         The EZ-SYPHON system for each tray level
·         All the unique growing mediums for each Growth Tray
·         Complete step-by-step instructions
·         Internet videos showing you exactly what to do
·         Tips on using seeds instead of plants for even more saving
·         What you grow is100% customizable so you can decide what you want to grow
·         Nothing to wear out or need replacement


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