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Monetary donations can be sent
via the donation link above.

The Veterans Urban Farming Initiative welcomes support from individuals or entities to support Veteran self-sufficiency. 100% of your support funds Tower components, Tower construction, enabling distribution, availability, and administration.

Each Veteran Tower costs $99.00USD.

Your support becomes a gift card that the veteran can use to pick up the Tower at The Home Depot.
You may donate any amount. Partial amounts are combined to fund a Tower.

You may

    • purchase a Tower for yourself or for another person.
    • fund a Tower for an individual Veteran.
    • fund a Tower for a Veteran organization.
    • fund multiple Towers in any amount.

Thaney & Associates CPA’s will audit and issue statements on behalf of The Hope Collection to the donor for tax purposes.  

Please contact The Hope Collection for details at:


The Hope Collection welcomes donations from individuals or entities that wish to support projects that will provide “Substantial and Sustainable Social and Economic Growth” in the fields of:
Health & Wellness, Performing and Fine Arts, Family Issues, Development & Housing, Technology / Energy / Communications,
Faith Based Leadership, Education, Food & Nutrition.

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