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The Initiative has received substantial media attention in a very short time period. Led by sponsorship of the demonstration site by The Home Depot, and support from U-Haul, and Papa John’s, concerned individuals and members of the business community continue to enable skill training and production capability to expand nationally through support from the Joint Chiefs.

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about hope
about hope

The URBAN FARMING PROJECT empowers veterans to enhance their lives with respect and dignity while mastering new skills. It is dedicated to a single purpose: enabling the men and women who served to ensure they can derive the full range of financial benefits from self sufficiency; to overcome the results of their great sacrifices while transitioning back to civilian life.

mission of hope
mission of hope

The Mission of the Initiative is the encouragement of Urban Farming as a means of returning military income earning and retraining, while providing a local resource of sustainable agriculture to derive fresh vegetables and herbs. Through development of an easily mastered “Hydriponic” Tower and enabling training in producing components, Veterans gain self-sufficiency as an unemployment alternative.

giving hope
giving hope

Financial support for the Initiative builds a foundation of partnerships with individual donors and entities, working together to shift from treating returning military and older Veterans as passive consumers to active developers of self-sufficiency. By providing financial support to the Initiative, the Veteran community gains access to a cost-effective support mechanism and develops marketable skills, escaping the fluctuations of the economy and the potential for depending on the Public dole.

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The VETERANS URBAN FARMING INITIATIVE created a unique means of providing food for the family table and the ability to market the excess to derive a revenue stream through a produce cooperative. Veterans receive free training in necessary growing skills, mastery of commercial applications for producing components, and are eligible for Tower grants. The next phase is expansion to a national presence in support of those honorably discharged through an alliance of nonprofit entities headed by HOPE.


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 “ …By providing a growing Tower to a DAV site, the initiative brings together the ability of returning military, older Veterans, individual donors, and members of the business community to provide a unique capability for self-sufficiency."

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